Blowing Off The Dust

Hello blog. Time to start writing again. A lot has changed in the past... oh, I don't know... year and two months since my last post. I've improved my SF game. That's a change. I've ventured deeper into other fighters, like Mortal Kombat and Persona 4 Arena. That's sorta different. Oh, and I have a daughter. That's... new. Being a dad has changed my perspective on a lot of things, and time spent gaming is definitely one of them. I'm not saying time spent gaming is a waste, no freakin' way. I've just come to value the time I spend gaming more than ever. I also spend way too much time going back and reading what I just wrote. That ends now. Hooray for terrible writing! English is so my strong point. Since I'm the only one that ever reads this I might as well just go off and plunk down whatever I'm thinking of. Why did I even start up this post? So what's new... what's new... I've started taking notes on every fighting game I touch. Well, at least the ones I give a shit about. Learning multiple games is hard and I always forget little (and sometimes big) things here and there. So what better way to solve the problem but to keep notes. Better yet, why not keep those notes on me at all times via cloud storage. Absolute genius. It started out with just SF4 notes, and I've actually had those for a long time, but now I've got notes for Mortal Kombat, Persona, SFxT, and even Smash. After taking notes for Smash, I realized how little I actually know about the mechanics of the game. I've become extremely awesome at Smash by feel and reactions, but I'm a complete moron when it comes to knowledge of the game. How'd that happen? I'm not actually extremely awesome at Smash. I'm intermediate at best. For now, at least. Going into training room and learning a character PROPERLY, and in a game that ISN'T SF, has opened up my eyes a bit. There are so many tiny ins and outs that casual players just don't see. It's sparked up my thirst for knowledge to the point where I wanna pick up more and more fighting games, take notes for characters I like, and learn those little ins and outs. I obviously don't have the time (or skill) to be proficient with every fighting game and their nuances, but I want to at least understand the nuances so I can appreciate what a skilled player is doing when I see it. I guess I have more respect for those crazy lab techs in the community that grind it out in training mode and just break the game down into tiny pieces. Uh... thanks. The last game I picked up and tried to learn properly is the one that really showed me how dumb I've been in the past. Smash Bros... I'm sorry I haven't taken you seriously ever and I've been an absolute fraud since day one. Here, let me give you some lovin'.