Tekken is hard.

I've been playing Tekken for a long time, pretty much since Tekken 2. So, that's... what... 8 years? 8 years later and I'm still a scrub. With the release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and now that it's only $19.99, I've decided to try to take Tekken more seriously and learn to play on semi-competitive level. It's fucking hard. The difference between 2D fighters and 3D fighters is really like night and day. Fundamentals, frames, and timings are all different. Speaking of timing, Tekken really fucked up my timing for Street Fighter. Can't hit hazanshu into c.lk if my life depended on it. It's weird learning a game with the intent of playing at a competitive level rather that just for fun. Rather than grinding it out and actually playing the game, I've spent equally as long just looking up frame data. I've come to the realization that many moves that I've used in the past that I found to be "good" were only good because they were frame safe. I didn't know that shit when I played back then, I just tried every move in training room and picked ones that seemed effective. Now I just look up the frame data and figure it out on paper. It's way, WAY, faster. Another big thing that I've found is that, despite the huge damage potential, launchers aren't everything. Who knew?!... well, other than every non-scrub player out there. Start up (impact) frames for moves means way more. Quick moves = punishes. With the amount of blocking that happens in this game, punishes are SO huge. In the past all I cared about was launchers. Lol super scrub. So many important aspects of the game that I didn't know and didn't care to learn about in the past... frame safe moves, pokes, punishes, homing/tracking moves, high crushers, low crushers, binding moves... All I ever did was mash and pray for the W. I haven't even learned how to defend properly yet. But I'm having a blast learning, even if I am reading charts half the time. The game is solid and I'm enjoying it. And having Jun Kazama in the game definitely doesn't hurt. :P