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Diflucan For Sale, Been back on the horse the past couple days (minus tonight).  Pretty much the same ol' out there in PSN land.  I feel like I'm actually upping my game up little by little from all this online play.  I suppose it's not so much upping my technical game... just upping my knowledge of the game.  Technique-wise, Diflucan over the counter, Diflucan coupon, online play is probably totally fucking me right up.  Awesome.

Ultra Selection - This has been on my mind a lot during my matches.  As soon as SSF4 came out and Kikosho was shown to combo from practically every move Chun has, fast shipping Diflucan, Diflucan photos, I thought this would be the 100% go-to Ultra.  It actually was for a long while.  Lately, this hasn't been the case.  There are a number of match-ups where I've found Housenka (Ultra 1) to be more effective.  There are the obvious cases, Diflucan natural, Buy no prescription Diflucan online, such as Blanka and Honda, where Ultra 1 shuts down a large part of their offense and can connect for full hits/damage.  But then, Diflucan without a prescription, Effects of Diflucan, there are also the in-between cases... specifically Akuma and Boxer, Diflucan from canada, Taking Diflucan, as of late.

I thought Akuma would be an easy choice, Diflucan for sale, Diflucan from mexico, but it's turning out to be a difficult one.  In vanilla SF4, I had no choice - Housenka.  It does go through projectiles, canada, mexico, india, Comprar en línea Diflucan, comprar Diflucan baratos, and it's obviously a huge plus against heavy projectile characters like Akuma, but where it falls short is on offense.  When you're trying to hit Akuma with Ultra 1, Diflucan mg, Diflucan class, because it's a charge Ultra, you're almost forced to play mainly defensive.  You can't run in there, Diflucan cost, Australia, uk, us, usa, guns blazing, and expect to pull off Ultra 1 for huge damage.  Even if you do manage to get an ex-Lightning Legs on Akuma, Diflucan reviews, Diflucan images, Ultra 1 doesn't connect for full hits/damage.  Not in the corner, not outside of the corner.., Diflucan samples. basically never off a juggle state, Diflucan For Sale. Order Diflucan no prescription, Enter Ultra 2 - Kikosho.  This Ultra thrives off juggle states.  Any time Akuma is in juggle state, you can make him eat Ultra 2 for full damage.  Go ahead and run in there, Diflucan street price, Online buy Diflucan without a prescription, guns blazing, make him eat that ex-Lightning Legs and finish it off with an Ultra 2.  Sounds so awesome.., Diflucan no prescription. Order Diflucan from mexican pharmacy, so why the hell would you pick Ultra 1?  For one, Ultra 2 is straight weak.  The damage you'll get off a full Ultra 2 is nothing compared to a lot of the other Ultras in the game.  For two, cheap Diflucan, Diflucan dangers, landing Ultra 2 means you've managed to get in on Akuma.  Getting in on Akuma can be a problem all in itself.  Ultra 1, Housenka, buy Diflucan without prescription, Diflucan schedule, can potentially connect for full damage anywhere on the screen.

So it's a toss up.  It's almost like damage potential vs guaranteed damage.  Ultra 1 can connect for way more damage as long as you're patient.  The pitiful damage of Ultra 2 can connect basically anytime you get an ex-Lightning Legs, buy generic Diflucan, Diflucan forum, jumping fierce, or df+lk anti-air.., Diflucan no rx. Buying Diflucan online over the counter, all of which should happen more than often in a match. Diflucan For Sale, Needless to say, Ultra selection can be extremely important, depending on the character you play.  It can change your play style and mentality before Round 1 even starts.

Honda - what a pain in the ass this guy can be.  Zoned, is Diflucan safe, Honda is usually easy pickings.  Throw projectiles, wait for him to jump, punish accordingly.  Where shit goes wrong (on PSN at least) is when he gets you down and starts to go butt-splash crazy on you.  I haven't played against enough Honda players to find a straight answer for constant butt-splashes on wake up.  I still haven't found the counter.  Focus back-dashing seems to be the response from most players out there, but I haven't found it as effective as I had hoped.  Until I find a solid answer, I'll stick to ex-Spinning Bird Kick and straight-up not getting into that situation in the first place.  Maybe jump back HK...

Ultra 1 btw.  Reversal Housenka off of ANY blocked Sumo Headbutt goes for full hits and damage.

Guile - I haven't had the privilege of playing any good Guile players lately, but the match-up has been on my mind a lot.  I always find myself playing straight offense against Guile.  I get extremely impatient at constant Sonic Boom throwers and start making a lot of bad decisions like obvious jump-ins and Hasan Shus.  I have yet to figure out a solid strategy.  Currently, I'm thinking the best way to approach this one is to push Guile into the corner by walking and blocking, and then pressuring him with long range pokes and anti-airs to keep him there.  Easier said than done, believe me.  Maybe I should play heavy defense and make Guile bring his game to me.  Hmm.... Need to research this match-up way more.  Thanks to Daigo, EVERYONE plays Guile which makes learning this match-up all the more urgent.

Ultra 2 > Ultra 1, imo.  Ultra 1 is difficult to pull off due to Guile's super fast recovery on the Sonic Boom.  Ultra 1 also does NOT go for full damage off a juggle state on Guile.

Why the hell did it take me forever to write this.  And it's not spacing the way I want... stupid new theme.

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